What is a root canal?


The pulp is found inside the tooth which is a soft tissue containing the veins, nerves, and lymph vessels. It supplies the nutrients and nerves to the tooth. Root canals are small and thin divisions that branch from the pulp chamber and continue to the root.   



What is Root Canal Treatment?


Root canal treatment is used to remove bacteria from the infected root canal so that infection can be stopped spreading in the further parts of the tooth and the tooth can be saved. The treatment mainly focuses on the elimination of infected pulp. After that, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected properly. Then, The professionals seal it for protection and make the tooth stronger by fitting a  crown on it.  If you have decided on root canal therapy, you should visit  Root Canal Specialist Near Me.


If you leave the deceased root canal untreated, the infection will keep spreading further and there will be a formation of pus. Puls will form at the root tip in the jaw bone and develops a pus-pocket also known as an abscess.  An abscess can damage the bone around the teeth. The bone enclosing your tooth may break down and the tooth may loosen and fall down. You may experience severe pain. This type of condition requires a Root Canal Dentist Near Me. 


You can opt for tooth extraction as an alternative to root canal therapy, but it will leave you with a missing tooth leading to a bad bite. So, you should choose the root canal treatment. For more information, you may visit DDS near me.    

What are the causes of pulp nerve damage?


The basic causes of pulp nerve damage are trauma and physical irritations. The nerves are sensitive tissues within the tooth that can be damaged by the trauma to the tooth. The physical irritations may be caused by the spreading of tooth decay to the nerve.  


Since the pulp can’t heal by itself, you should consult the problem with your dentist. He/ She will help you to decide the treatment option suiting your condition.   



What are the signs of pulp nerve damage?


There are multiple symptoms of pulp nerve damage, some of them are discussed below:

  • Swollen face.
  • Teeth sensitivity.
  • Tooth-ache while chewing and biting.
  • Unexpected tooth pain.


These symptoms may be similar to other oral disease conditions. Therefore, it is essential to visit a dentist to confirm the type of oral health issue precisely.


What does the root canal procedure involve?


You may require up to three visits to the dentist to complete the therapy.

During the procedure, your dentist will drill an opening to the head of the tooth into the pulp chamber to eliminate the infected tooth pulp. Then, he/she will perform a cleaning procedure to the root canals and reshape them in order to fill them with filling materials. The dentist may decide to groove the tooth and leave it open for a few days. He/She may prescribe you antibiotics to control the infection. Then, he/she will place a crown over the tooth to make it stronger.      


If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, or high teeth sensitivity, you may require root canal treatment. So, don’t hesitate to visit your dentist and ask for treatment.


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