A treatment’s efficiency and results depend equally upon the doctor and the patient. Invisalign is performed using powerful modern technologies to align your teeth. Along with the dentist near me, the patient also plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of the treatment. The patient’s cooperation and active involvement in the treatment procedure help the orthodontist in providing desired results earlier than expected. If you are being treated with Invisalign, you need to follow some essential tips to get the desired results sooner. 


5 essential tips to optimize Invisalign treatment

Here are some tips that will help you:


  1. Put on the aligners as long as possible- Humans have a specialty of adjusting to a situation with great flexibility. When choosing Invisalign treatment options, you may feel uncomfortable with the aligners fitted on your teeth initially, but gradually you’ll get accustomed to them. It is suggested that you wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day since it fastens your teeth’ movement. You may take them off while eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. If you avoid full-time aligner wear, it will worsen the aligner’s progression and you may need to remake a new set of aligners to continue with the treatment. 


  1. Use ‘chewies’ for better fitting- You know that the aligners don’t fit well when some air gaps are noticed between your teeth and Invisalign attachments. To keep away from these holes, nibble on chewies which are pad-like chambers comprised of plastic-like material called styrene copolymer. It will help seat the aligners perfectly on your teeth and increase the chances of finishing the treatment on time. 


  1. Accept the attachments- There is a possibility of the aligners slipping off when removed, so some attachments of white filling called dental bonding are used for better fitting. These almost invisible attachments are fixed on some of your teeth to increase the effectiveness of the aligners. 


  1. Do not avoid retainers- It is important to maintain your pretty smile forever after the treatment. You should wear your retainers regularly to avoid orthodontic relapse where the teeth gradually shift to their original position. The treatment of Invisalign for a perfect smile can only last longer with the equal efforts of the patient. Retainers support the teeth to maintain their new position, thus maintaining your perfect smile. You should wear them just after finishing the treatment. You can reduce your retainer wear after a few weeks by restricting it for once a week. 


  1. Know the importance of IPR- IPR is the interproximal reduction, performed to create spaces between your teeth to make the movement more effective. It is gentle sanding of the tooth to create the required space for the Invisalign Near Me treatment to proceed. It gives room to the teeth to move easily to their ideal position. 


If you follow these tips during the treatment procedure, you are likely to observe faster and more effective results. A little consciousness can help you achieve the perfect smile you desired. 


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