Invisalign is a type of aligner which is used in orthodontic treatment.Invisalign can be used to treat many issues including crowding and spacing issues. Invisalign is a brand that claims that overbite, crossbite issues can be treated by this. Invisalign is more like braces that are used to straighten your teeth. It is used to place pressure on your teeth to move them to a new place. People wear an aligner for 2 to 3 weeks before switching to the next aligner in the sequence. 

How do Invisalign attachments work?

Invisalign is a type of tool which keeps filling material bonded to your teeth to help the Invisalign aligner make moves and take place, the attachment basically places in the middle of the tooth to let the aligner move effectively and efficiently. 


5 things to know all about Invisalign attachments-


 Small in size- Invisalign attachments are little in size. It is an aligner tool for a tooth that is tooth-colored dots that is made of composite filling material which bonded teeth so the aligner can move easily.


 Work as an anchor- The attachments are placed in the middle of the tooth for serving as an anchor to make an aligner work more efficiently. 


Invisalign attachments are annoying-  Some case studies of patients we learned that attachments are irritating in their mouth when their aligners are out, some people started to dislike the food which builds up around the attachments during meals.


Simple process- Your tooth surface area is prepped for bonding, your dentistwill mark the area with an Invisalign template to channel where the attachments are going to fill then it will cure the bonding so the tiny bump hardens and stays in place. That’s it now you no longer need the attachments, You can go to your dental office and ask your dentist to buff off your tooth. 


Invisalign attachments are not for all - Many dentists first determine you need attachments or not in some cases it is required because of movement But in some, it doesn’t. If your plan is to straighten your teeth the Invisalign aligners can do all the alignment work on their own it will not require attachments anymore. 

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Removable Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than normal braces. 

They have smooth edges so they won’t be hard on your mouth.

The aligners are high in quality because of their custom fit.

 It is adjustable for your teeth; it can move horizontally, vertically, and rotationally until each tooth is right in place. 



Invisalign can keep your mouth disease-free. It won't be easy for other people who wear traditional braces because bits of food get stuck around the area. Sometimes inside braces also become difficult to clean properly which can lead to gum disease and even tooth decay.

You can drink any kind of food and drink because they’re removable.

Invisalign will provide you with great dental hygiene and will keep your gum disease-free. 


It will reduce your dentist visits because of your hygiene and you’ll not be able to search every month for a dentist open near me. You can make an appointment after 4- 6 weeks to your nearest dentist

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